Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Best Naperville Dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson on the Positive Effects of Zoom! Whitening

Best Naperville Dentist
Q: How do patients find the best solution to whitening teeth?

Best Naperville Dentist: There is actually a trusted solution for patients without sacrificing the drinks and foods that they love. By visiting our office, Smiles By Dr. Gibson of Promenade Dental of Naperville, our professionals will share the answer. Zoom! Whitening, a convenient in-office procedure, requires less than an hour to eliminate an entire lifetime of ugly staining. It’s not an over-the-counter cure, however, so it requires the highly trained staff in our office to complete the whitening.

Q: What is the Zoom! Whitening program?

Best Naperville Dentist: The Zoom! Whitening program is relatively simple and has been incorporated into 15,000 offices including ours. As its name suggests, Zoom! Whitening works at the speed of light. It all starts with the patient resting comfortably in the dental chair.

Q: How does the procedure work?

Best Naperville Dentist: A protective covering is used on the gums and lips, and then Zoom! Whitening is carefully applied. The main ingredient in this effective gel is a pH-balanced and proven-safe hydrogen peroxide. After this process, a low-heat light is presented that activates the gel.

Q: What happens after the light is presented?

Best Naperville Dentist: The light is applied for three separate intervals of 15 minutes each. Once finished, our professionals apply a special fluoride treatment as the final touch on this hour-long procedure. However, it’s critical for patients to adhere to the easy-to-follow whitening care directions in order for their teeth to remain whiter.

Q: How can patients ensure that the results last?

Best Naperville Dentist: Patients can help their dental health by flossing and brushing at least twice a day, as well as maintaining a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Occasional reapplications with Nite White or Zoom! Weekender might be suggested in certain cases.