Sunday, October 20, 2013

Best Naperville Dentist Explains How Healthy Smiles Build Self-Esteem

Best Naperville Dentist
Nothing builds self-esteem as much as a white, bright and healthy smile, according to best Naperville dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson. At 13, the best Naperville dentist required braces to fix her teeth. The results of this process provided her a significant level of confidence that carries on today. She helps patients feel that same sense of well-being by using Invisalign clear braces.

The expert staff at Dr. Gibson’s best Naperville dentist office has been trained to assist patients with these Invisalign aligners, which are almost undetectable. Unlike metal appliances, Invisalign employs a clear acrylic that works to positively affect a patient’s smile. The best aspect of Invisalign is that these braces are removable for all patients. Therefore, patients can remove them before eating and clean them more easily.

By utilizing the most advanced forms of oral camera imaging, Dr. Gibson, as the best Naperville dentist, allows patients to see the final results before the first fitting of their Invisalign braces. After all of the images are created, the best Naperville dentist forwards the images to the main Invisalign lab in order for the custom braces to be created. Patients wear an individual pair of aligners for a maximum of two weeks until moving forward to the next set. Patients are carefully monitored by the best Naperville dentist to ensure that their teeth remain in tip-top shape.

The best Naperville dentist assists patients in her downtown Naperville office. Patients are greeted with MP3 players, plasma televisions and fresh bread. During their visit, they are offered comfortable massage chairs and even hand-wax procedures.

In 2011, best Naperville dentist Dr. Gibson bought a limousine that can transport patients to her office. When a current patient selects the enhanced Hollywood Smile Makeover, he or she is treated to this one-of-a-kind experience.